Top 6 Best Beginner Tips for Tattoo Flash Inspiration

Top 6 Best Beginner Tips for Tattoo Flash Inspiration

If you are a tattoo artist, you gain inspiration from various sources in due course of time. But being a beginner is not easy in this competitive world, and constantly finding the best inspiration for your creative work is necessary. The below-composed list gives you the most useful things that inspire you to start with your tattoos.

A4 Tracing Light Box Portable LED Light Table Tracer Board

Amazon best-selling product B07G7QXJLG

The ultra-thin flicker-free LED board is ideal for tattoo transferring. You can transfer a tattoo from your inspired design or make your own from the real images by tracing them with the help of this board.

Making multiple copies from your designs will also become more comfortable when you illuminate the design from behind for transferring. The soft light emitted by the board does not dazzle your eyes. It comes with adjustable brightness to protect your eyes while you use it.

Tiny Tattoos: 1,000 Small Inspirational Artworks

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This illustrative paperback book with 1000 small yet striking tattoo designs is the best tattoo book with the latest designs for the year 2020. The book contains the minimal tattoo designs of ancient age transformed into modern age patterns.this book is a contemporary source of inspiration for aspiring tattooists.

You can own this book if you are a fan of minimal designs and love to incorporate them into your designs. Most beginners will benefit from this book as they learn many other things beyond tattoo designs from this book.

Yuelong Double Sides Blank Tattoo Skin Practice

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The tattoo practice skin is made of synthetic materials. It serves as a practicing medium for beginners. You can practice the microblading of eyebrows on this skin-like material. The fake skin is thick enough to practice on both sides.

As it feels and stretches like real skin, it gives a feel like real human skin. This high-quality material will help you achieve a better hand at microblading by providing a good practice opportunity. (more…)

Stay at Home Nail Challenge

The whole world is bleeding, and amidst the chaos, you still need to stay elegant and stylish. Unfortunately, getting out these days could be a terrible idea. Going to the salon poses a greater health risk, but you can upgrade your DIY skills as you wait for the world to open up. We are determined to enlighten you with some chic nail designs that would look great on your nails at this moment.

Cherry Nail Art

Negative nail art is either created on nail tips or yourself. First, you will need to prep your nails by thoroughly cleaning them using soap and water and removing any previous polish residue. Use OPI gel color Base Coat and apply a single layer on the properly prepped nails. Additionally, using OPI GelColor Love Is In The Bare, apply two coats and cure for 30 seconds. It would be best if you then drew the leaves using the OPI GelColor I’m So Swamped. Additionally, the stems should be drawn using the OPI GelColor Lincoln Park After Dark. When you are done, finish up with a layer of OPI GelColor Chrome Effects No-Clense Top Coat and give it 30 seconds to cure.


A Comprehensive Guide on Men Grooming

Recently it is found that men are conscious about their grooming methods and experimenting with their looks. The incredible haircuts, coloring, or beard trimming everything was there in the society for years. However, men are also taking extra care of their skin, hair, and style. Hence, there are several reputed brands, which have evolved to suffice the need for beauty products for men too. It is no more a taboo for society to think otherwise when it comes to men grooming.

beard brushes


How Has Men Grooming Evolved?

Social media has played a notable role in men grooming ideas and body goals. Therefore, everywhere there is a predominant idea of a comparison between friends and colleagues, branding by influencers and social media activists goes on. We all are influenced by the global concepts of trends and hashtags on social media.

Chanel has launched the men make up kit in 2018 November at the UK. Whereas in South Korea, French fashion has already inspired many men. There are various Korean pop stars like BTS, who have motivated Asian men to get flawless skin with groomed brows etc.

A Comprehensive Guide for Your Grooming

Here, we will talk about the unaffected skin, hair, and beard care routine that you can follow for enhancing your grooming method.


You should always choose your skincare products depending on skin type. A proper face wash can help you to cleanse your skin and reduce the pores safely. In fact, for oily or acne-prone skin, the mild oil-free cleansers work effectively. It helps to maintain the ph level of your skin too. Before pre-shaving and after shaving, you should always use the face wash to get clear skin without causing any pimples.


You should also follow an exfoliation routine. It helps to diminish the growth of dead cells and promote new skin layering. To get a fresh look, you can try the mild scrubbing skin products once or twice on your skin. However, too much exfoliation can cause dryness.


Always go for lotions or face creams that contain accurate hydrating agents. It can help to maintain the water and oil balance of your skin. Again, selecting the sunscreen-based moisturizers can help you to protect your skin from getting damaged from sunblocks. Try to choose the moisturizers that contain SPF range of 15-20.

Hair & Beard Cuts

To get a bold look, both hair and beard trimming is necessary. Pollution can cause frizz and damage to your hair. Therefore, you should shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. With the help of right beard scissors, you should maintain the length of your bread and mustache. It not only produces a different look, but the health of your beard also is improved.


Hair Growth Problems and Home Remedies

Are you a fan of long, healthy hair? Are you facing severe hair loss? Are you tired of using the conventional methods for hair growth? If yes, then let me tell you that you are not the only one. Hair growth issues are very common these days. This is because everyone has a stressful life style and unhealthy dietary habits. Now a days, many treatment strategies such as maintenance of healthy diet, use of best laser hair growth devices, use of specially formulated hair products has made it quite easier to achieve perfectly long, healthy and beautiful hair.

Factors Effecting Hair Growth

Hairs usually slow down growing when any nutritive element is missing in the diet. Deficiency of vitamins is one of the major causes of slow hair growth. This deficiency usually goes unnoticed but even a slight change in the body’s vitamin levels can effect the growth of hair. Vitamins important for hair growth include vitamin A, B, C and D. Other important nutrients include niacin, biotin and zinc.

Stress is a very important factor that effect s hair growth. Increased emotional stress causes release of large amount of oil from the glands of the scalp. Loss of moisture makes the growth process slower. Stress also leads to less oxygen intake which may lead to death of scalp cells.


How To: Makeup Organization

To say that my makeup drawer is messy would be an understatement. It looks like a hurricane went through there. I had a really hard time finding things and it was taking way too long locate anything. I finally reached my breaking point and chose to organize it. I got this clear container from Target and reused an empty old box for dividers. The lid is perfect for storing eye shadows and eye liners while the deeper half of the box works great for bulkier products like foundation, blush, and bronzers. The result speaks for itself, like night and day! 

My Winter Closet Sneak Peek

Leopard jacket and Orange Jacket-French Connection, Scarf-Gifted

With winter quickly approaching, I decided to go through my closet and pick out some of my essential pieces to wear this season. Being from San Francisco, we pretty much experience the cool temperatures year around so it is no surprise that most of my closet is made up of coats and light jackets (perfect for layering). I have been seeing a lot of jewel tones in magazines and was pleased to see that I already have a few items that fit the trend. One of my absolute favorites is my blue scarf. I wear it all the time for its versatility and for the colorful impact it gives to any outfit. Seeing my things laid out actually makes me a little bit excited for the fog.

Purple Boots-Unlisted, Leopard heals-Max Studio, Brown Boots-MICHAEL Michael Kors

Military Jacket-Zara, Leather Jacket-Bebe

Skirt-Forever 21, Top & Ring-Bananna Republic, Shoes-BCBG, Headband-JCrew, Clutch-Ambiance

Ok, so this is officially my first outfit post. Posing for the camera was a little awkward but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it over time. I must have taken over fifty pictures (most of which I immediately deleted). It is not as easy as it seems. I only hope that one day I can have images as amazing as those taken by some of my favorite bloggers (Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Jessica from What I Wore, and Kelly from the Glamourai). In fact the only easy part to this process was picking out the outfit. I’ve been looking for a striped skirt for a while and finally found this one at Forever 21. Bright colors make me happy so I decided to incorporate them into the rest of the outfit being that the skirt was black and white. I can’t wait to wear the skirt again in the spring with a denim jacket, fedora and cute strappy sandals.

Love Want Need: Burgundy Bag

I have really been wanting a burgundy bag like this ever since I saw this ad by Louis Vuitton a while back. The color is perfect for fall and goes with just about anything. It’s a nice alternative to a neutral black or beige. I’m really drawn to the classic lines and structured look of it. I love keeping it simple and classic and by doing so know that any one of these could last me for many fall seasons to come. 

Rebecca Minkoff
J. Crew

I love sequins. I love them even more when I find them on a cute clutch. An evening bag is an essential accessory during the holiday season and a clutch is my favorite way to go. They dress up any outfit and can make a statement on their own. With fun patterns, great colors, and pretty details these six are a few I’d love to get my hands on.

1. Juicy Couture
2. Rachel Roy
3. Matthew Williamson
4. Santi
5. Halston Heritage
6. Santi

Weekend Purchases

This past weekend was so much fun. I spent it in Palm Springs with my boyfriend and we enjoyed spending time away from the rush of daily life. We pretty much played everything by ear and it’s starting to become a favorite destination (you can see our last visit here). We definitely wanted to relax and enjoyed a day of pampering at The Spring day spa. I highly recommend spending an afternoon there if you are planning a trip to Palm Springs any time soon. A soak in the mineral hot springs and a massage worked wonders. I also knew I wanted to do a little shopping. We made a stop at a few shops and I picked up some amazing deals. Take a look at these stylish finds that made it home with me…

Deux Lux clutch

J.Crew and Banana Republic belts

J.Crew jacket (color sold out online)

Brian Atwood heels – similar here

Essie Polish in Set in Stones, Sand Tropez, Turquoise & Caicos

J.Crew blouse

J.Crew dress – I’m wearing this one on Christmas

Stylish Pumps

The pump is probably my favorite type of heel. It’s classic and always flattering and are available in amazing assortments. We all know I’m no stranger to colorful accessories and shoes I’d say are definitely my weakness. A good shoe can really make an outfit. For that reason, I’m immediately drawn to statement making beauties like these pairs. They can all stand on their own with a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt or can also help spice up a dressier ensemble. I’m really lusting for the ones with the red and pink heel.

Hot Stuff: Supercalifragilipstick

The name! The packaging! The colors! Oh MY….I’m smitten over this lipstick. Kate Spade and Poppy King have partnered up to create the cutest new beauty must-have. It screams fun and girly, not to mention that I want it in every shade. The only con is actually having to decide on one.  Want one too? You can purchase yours here.