Eight Exciting Manicure Tips to Get Healthy Gel Nails

Having a gorgeous gel manicure is an excellent feeling. But, following the proper practices and ensuring healthy gel nails should be your prime objective. It is better to know that you can pick up unwanted health issues if you follow unhealthy nail manicure procedures. We shall discuss eight excellent tips to get healthy nails in this article.

Eight Exciting Manicure Tips to Get Healthy Gel Nails

Before starting the discussion, let us state that gel manicures can be tough on nails, despite being beautiful and lasting longer. Following the wrong procedures can result in the cracking of your nails. They can become brittle and even break. Repeated use of UV rays can lead to skin cancer. Acetone can dehydrate your nails and cause premature aging of the skin. However, you can avoid these problems by following the tips discussed here for your benefit.

Tips for Healthy Gel Nails

Communicate with your manicurist well and be proactive

Nowadays, people have gel manicures at home. However, if you hire a manicurist or visit the salon for your nail job, you should ensure they follow hygienic practices. The first aspect to look for is whether they use sterilized tools. Secondly, your manicurist should disinfect and sterilize the instruments after use. If they use disposable materials, you should ensure that they dispose of them. Thirdly, it is not advisable to let the manicurist cut or push your cuticles. You can do them yourself to prevent unnecessary injuries leading to infection.

Ensure you are not allergic to any polish constituents

Many people are allergic to acetone. If you are allergic to acetone, it is better to go for regular nail polish instead of a gel polish manicure. Alternatively, you can insist on the manicurist using non-acetone products for nail removal.

Wear sunscreen before starting the procedure

A gel polish manicure involves continuous exposure to UV or LED rays for curing the polish layer. Exposing your skin to such harmful rays can lead to skin cancer. The ideal solution is to apply a generous helping of sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from getting affected by UV rays. Alternatively, you can wear dark opaque gloves with exposed nail tips that allow exposing the LDS nail alone to UV rays.

Insist on using high-quality gel polish

One of the most critical healthy gel manicure tips is to insist on using high-quality gel polish. Unfortunately, many people try to offer cheap products that look attractive but can be unhealthy. Instead, go for a reputed nail polish brand like LDS nail. Nail salons keep stock of inexpensive and high-quality gel polish. You can also carry your favorite gel polish color when visiting the salon.

Go through the nail polish ingredients carefully

Your gel polish should be free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Besides, it should also be free of toxic organic substances like camphor, etc. The best gel polish is one that is 3-free or 5-free. Using them can reduce cracking and enhance your nails’ flexibility.

Refrain from picking at gel polish

Removing the existing nail polish layer is crucial before starting with the new manicure. It can be tempting to pick at the polish layer and drag it forcibly. It is not advisable because you can end up injuring your nails. Your manicurist is the right person to handle such issues. They have the necessary tools to remove your existing polish without harming your nails.

Soak your fingertips in acetone and not your entire hand

Acetone is a reputed nail polish removal solution. Almost every nail salon uses acetone-based nail polish removers. However, you should not dip your fingers into acetone directly. Acetone can dry your nails and skin. The best option is to soak cotton swabs in acetone and use them to remove your nail polish. You can place these swabs on your nails and wrap them using aluminum foil. It ensures that your nail polish alone gets exposed to acetone. Wait for 15 to 25 minutes and watch your existing nail polish layer slide off automatically.

Give your nails adequate rest between two manicures

Though it can be enticing to have a gel manicure immediately after removing your existing nail polish, it is not advisable. Your nails can get sore after the nail polish removal procedure. Besides, the skin and nails can get dehydrated. Hence, they need adequate nourishment. You can massage your nails with cuticle oil to keep them rehydrated. Simultaneously, it is better to follow a healthy diet. Therefore, it is paramount to have healthy gel nails. Then, give sufficient rest for about a week before you go for your next manicure.


These eight nail manicure tips can help you get healthy gel nails. Your nails are the windows of your overall health. You can follow these tips and get your favorite LDS nails to display on your social media profile.