Stay at Home Nail Challenge

The whole world is bleeding, and amidst the chaos, you still need to stay elegant and stylish. Unfortunately, getting out these days could be a terrible idea. Going to the salon poses a greater health risk, but you can upgrade your DIY skills as you wait for the world to open up. We are determined to enlighten you with some chic nail designs that would look great on your nails at this moment.

Cherry Nail Art

Negative nail art is either created on nail tips or yourself. First, you will need to prep your nails by thoroughly cleaning them using soap and water and removing any previous polish residue. Use OPI gel color Base Coat and apply a single layer on the properly prepped nails. Additionally, using OPI GelColor Love Is In The Bare, apply two coats and cure for 30 seconds. It would be best if you then drew the leaves using the OPI GelColor I’m So Swamped. Additionally, the stems should be drawn using the OPI GelColor Lincoln Park After Dark. When you are done, finish up with a layer of OPI GelColor Chrome Effects No-Clense Top Coat and give it 30 seconds to cure.

Negative Space Nail Art

If you want to be a pro in manicure, there are different skills that you can acquaint yourself with at this moment. Did you know that you can introduce a fruity twist on a negative space nail art? Well, negative space nail art is a technique where you polish the nails just like an empty canvas. The method focuses on the nail beds sheer characteristic and builds on it to produce a unique design. The additional twist would be your choice. This implies that you get to choose the design and the shape you want, but the idea is to increase the canvas’s attention as much as that of the colored space. One of the most elegant twists is adding a fruit twist like cherries to the design. Are you up for the challenge?

Rainbow Nail Art

Colors have healing power, and manicure lovers turn to them for their healing capabilities because they are a source of joy. Colors soothe and lift our spirits in distinct ways. Therefore, having a rainbow with all the colors gives you and the people around you a sense of happiness. Despite the unprecedented times being faced by all world nations, you still can learn how to create a rainbow on your nails at your home’s comfort. All you need is a personal OPI gel color and nail lacquer kit with all the essential colors that brighten your world.

A rainbow can be made up of any combination of shades that makes you happy. It can contain colors such as blue or pink or any other shades available in your OPI nail lacquer kit. Creating a rainbow involves first using GelColor Base Coat to create a single layer on the nails. The coating is then left out for 30 seconds to cure. Proceed to create a diagonal line that cuts across the nail bed using GelColor Big Apple Red. Allow it to cure for 30 seconds. Proceed to create another diagonal line just under the red line using the GelColor My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore. To form a rainbow, you should repeat this process using GelColor Alpine Snow, GelColor I Manicure for Beads, GelColor  Tile Art To Warm Your Heart, GelColor Is That A Spear In Your Pocket, GelColor Gelato on My Mind, and GelColor Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet.

Why OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer uses raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality, making it an ideal polish compared to the traditional ones. The concentration of pigments in OPI is higher, which leads to a noticeable difference in the colors. OPI colors allow the user to have a more vibrant and bolder coverage that does not streak even when as few as one or two coats are used. Moreover, OPI gel color and nail lacquer, unlike other nails, polishes dry quickly because it is made from perfect solvents. When applied professionally, using both OPI Base AND Top Coats, you are assured of a long-lasting and chip-resistant mani. The brush that is provided with the kit increases the ease of application by allowing even and thin coats and lines, thus providing the best manicure.


OPI is one of the best nail polish brands in the market. With its numerous colors, the user can create different designs. The colors are formulated so that they dry faster after application and create a perfect and chip-free manicure. Furthermore, OPI gel polish are assured of a long-lasting manicure that looks chicer than traditional nail polishes. Make sure that you enjoy the OPI infinite shine by choosing the award-winning OPI polishes.