4 Tips to Apply OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo with Perfection

Applying nail polish is a hectic task but we have to look good. Today, there are many types of polishes you can apply on nails and all of them offer you a distinct look. Many women and men now tend to buy OPI gelcolor to apply to their nails. It’s much more flexible and looks even better if you apply it right. However, not everyone gets how to apply it right.

4 Tips to Apply OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo with Perfection

No matter how many times you have done it, you would notice that there is always something that seems off. These issues are usually so small that no one notices unless they pay really close attention trying to criticize your work. While that almost never happens, we want our nails to be perfect since we put so much time into applying things like OPI gel and lacquer combo.

This might have been difficult for you until now, but it will no longer be a problem after you are done reading this article. Here you will learn some tips that are regularly used by professionals at big salons when you buy OPI gelcolor to apply on your nails.

4 Tips to Apply OPI Gel and Lacquer Combo

Start with Bond Aid

Not many know about this but applying bond aid before you start with products like OPI gel and lacquer combo can make a big difference. This is not going to require a big investment. You can easily get a bond aid for a price that you won’t feel like you have spent any money.

It’s recommended to every person who wants to apply OPI gel color perfectly. It will get rid of any oil you might have on your nails. If you don’t have a good base, the coat won’t stay no matter how much you have invested to buy OPI gelcolor. It will also clean off any dust in addition to oils from your nails. You will feel that applying the gel is much easier when you have a coat of bond aid below.

Shake the Bottle Before You Apply It

Every time you are about to buy OPI gel nail polish online and apply it to your nails, make sure you shake it properly. It might not be mentioned on the bottle as you see on cold drinks, but there are some things that only professionals know because of their experience.

The different parts of the product might start separating because it has been on the shelf for some time. They all get mixed together when you shake the bottle. It should not be just done when you buy a new bottle. This is a practice you should remember every time you are about to apply the gel. It might not stay on the nails as easily if it’s not shaken well. You might also feel in the process that it’s a little dry. So remember, shake well before use.

Pull the Skin When Applying

You might be a little too scared about gel getting on the skin of your nails. Try to save the skin, you might end up leaving too much space on the edges. First of all, you should know that the gel won’t dry right away and it won’t harm your skin.

You should be confident during the process. If you don’t want the OPI gel and lacquer combo to touch your skin, you should pull it back with your fingers. Make sure you don’t apply too much force and only pull enough that it doesn’t hurt. You should also keep a thin brush with you. After you have applied the gel, you can use the thin brush to clean the lines on the edges. It will give a very clean and professional look.

Use Thin Coats

Instead of trying to hurry and apply one thick coat, you should only apply as thin coats as possible. You are less likely to make a mistake this way and it’s easier to cover even if you do make a mistake. The thin coat looks much more clean and professional.

If you feel like the first coat has some spots that weren’t properly filled, you can apply another coat on top of it. The goal is to look good, not apply too many thick layers. On top of that, a thin coat easily curates.


Make sure you only buy good quality OPI gel and lacquer combo. Once you have the right products, you should always clean the nails properly. Applying the bond aid will help in this cleaning process.

Be as relaxed as possible when applying the gel. Confidence is the key to doing such little detail-oriented tasks. It’s very flexible and you can’t easily cover any mistakes. If you left a spot in the first try, you can reapply the gel on top of it without making it look bad.