Gel Polish Color Combinations That Make You Look Younger

You might have heard these lines before. ‘Never ask a woman her age and a man his wage.’ This statement is 100% true even today. If you ever mistake asking a woman her age, the stare you get should be immemorable. But, come on, jokes apart, here are the best OPI gel polish colors you should wear to look younger than you are. These colors can bring out the youthful side of your personality into the open. While we discuss the colors to wear, we shall also touch upon some colors you should stay away from as they can make you look much older than you are.

The Colors to Go For

The Flattering Reds – Add the element of charm

The Flattering Reds – Add the element of charm

Nothing can be more flattering than the youthful reds. Reds can transform your nails and bring back memories of the early 20s when you had a gala time wearing these colors and enjoying life as if there were no tomorrow. While red by itself is an excellent choice, you can try supplementary colors like orange, burgundy, plum, and deep browns to introduce the element of versatility to your nails.

The advantage of bright red-orange nails is that these colors are excellent for people with all types of nails. While all colors look outstanding on people with long and beautifully shaped nails, the reds manage to hold their own on people with short and stubby nails. No wonder reds still rule the roost as the most flattering colors of all.

The Nudes – As safe as a bank

The Nudes – As safe as a bank

The nude shades are perfect for every age because they have a unique anti-aging power. So, if you go for the nude finishes, you look at least five to ten years younger than your age. We advise you to check out the baby pinks and the light white shades to make you feel as innocent as babies are. And when you choose the nude base, pair it with its foundation color to enhance your youthfulness.

For example, if you have a light skin tone, the best colors to wear should be the sandy nudes with white or champagne colors as the perfect backup. On the other hand, women with a tanned look should prefer shades of coffee, cappuccino, and taupe. But, when choosing the browns, we advise you to avoid dark brown hues because they do not suit your age. Instead, you can try the chocolate or the graying brown tones to look youthful. So, buy OPI gel polish and get the most youthful colors to adorn your nails.

The Pinks – Youthful as ever

The Pinks – Youthful as ever

We have already seen that baby pinks are the best colors for people on the wrong side of their forties. We further state that you can try out all the pink shades to decide which one suits you the best. Gel polish colors come in exciting pink shades that should suit any outfit and occasion.

The pink color exudes youth and is full of enthusiasm at all times. So, wearing pink colors on your nails takes you back into memory lane and makes you feel younger in mind. And when the mind becomes young, the body starts showing the after-effects by feeling youthful.

The Colors to Avoid

The Blues – Please avoid them at all costs

While we recommend you wear reds, we suggest you stay away from the blues at all costs. As you mature, it is natural for the veins beneath your skin to become prominent. Now, you associate the veins with blue because they carry the impure blood back to your heart. As they protrude through the skin, these veins display your aging look. Wearing blue nail polish on your nails accentuates their looks and emphasizes your age. So, we recommend ignoring the blues and sticking to colors that suit your age better.

The Darker Shades – End up exposing yourself

Here is another color that you should try to stay away from. We are referring to the darker hues of browns, blues, and blacks. You might ask that I love dark colors. So, why should I stay away from them? The reason is that the dark colors highlight the dark spots on your skin you develop because of aging. So, instead, you can go for the lighter shades of browns, blues, and blacks.

For example, the navy blue colors are my favorite, but they could illuminate your skin and easily make the dark spots visible.

The Brightest Yellows

Yellow is the first color to avoid as you cross the 40s. They can make your nails look shallow. Of course, the golden hues are excellent, but the other yellows are not. So, our advice is to keep away from the yellows as much as possible.

Final Words

Try out the colors we have listed here and find out how youthful you look. I wish you all the best.