Makeup Tips to Cover up All the Flaws and Imperfections of Your Face

A beautiful and flawless makeup look might look very hard to achieve, but honestly it’s not. It’s the easiest thing to do when you know what you are doing. Just the use of right products at the right place, and you are good to go. People with dark spots, freckles or pores on their skin are usually the ones who are complaining the most. All these skin imperfections can be covered with just a few dabs of high quality products. So without any further delay, let’s get started with the makeup tips and suggestions for getting the perfectly flawless look.

Makeup Tips to Cover up All the Flaws and Imperfections of Your Face

Popular makeup products that everyone uses

There are a lot of products that can help you with the problems of freckles,dark spots and open pores.

You can try out the foundation for freckles if you are experiencing a lot of these on your face. The foundation made especially for this purpose will provide you excellent coverage. The blending ability of the product will hide all the spots giving you an even tone.

Use of a good quality concealer that matches perfectly with your natural skin tone is always a good idea. Use it under your eyes, forehead and on your nose. It will help you in not only covering the imperfections but also defining your facial features.

A contour done in the right way can add a lot to your overall appearance. Make sure you touch up your cheek and jawline. Also don’t forget to outline your nose bone to create a sharp and crisp look.

A mattifying powder is always ideal to be used on top of your foundation base. It will settle your makeup and will let it stay for longer periods of time. Long lasting effects are what you need when your skin has a lot of imperfections.

Whatever product you use, blend it in perfectly and then move on to the next step. Do not apply layers of makeup without blending otherwise the imperfections would stay evident and apparent. You can do a patch test to check out the coverage of the product to make sure if it will work for you or not.

Tips from expert makeup artists

Makeup artists use a combination of products with s variety of techniques to create those picture perfect looks. You can also follow them to get the desired glam in just a few seconds. Here are a few tips that can help you.

Always go for non comedogenic products for your face. If you have open pores, you can use the best primer for large pores. It allows sealing of the pores openings and makes your skin intact. In this way, your skin becomes ready for the makeup without the fear of pore clogging.

Your foundation and concealer should be perfectly matched with your skin tone. Go as close to your skin tone as possible. Try to remain subtle with your choices and preferences.

Your makeup brushes and sponges should be soft enough to allow easy blending of the product. A makeup brush with hard bristles won’t do any good rather it will just damage your skin.


Dark spots or freckles can ruin your makeup look if not covered properly. Makeup products with poor coverage or less blending ability are a complete ‘No’ for such skin types. To get a perfectly flawless makeup look, you should be aware of the products that work the best for you. Along with that, a few tips from the experts are always useful to get the desired look. We have combined all these things together to bring to you a complete package of the suggested products and tips for a flawless, perfect makeup look. I hope you will find these ideas useful and beneficial.