Hair Growth Problems and Home Remedies

Are you a fan of long, healthy hair? Are you facing severe hair loss? Are you tired of using the conventional methods for hair growth? If yes, then let me tell you that you are not the only one. Hair growth issues are very common these days. This is because everyone has a stressful life style and unhealthy dietary habits. Now a days, many treatment strategies such as maintenance of healthy diet, use of best laser hair growth devices, use of specially formulated hair products has made it quite easier to achieve perfectly long, healthy and beautiful hair.

Hair Growth Problems

Factors Effecting Hair Growth

Hairs usually slow down growing when any nutritive element is missing in the diet. Deficiency of vitamins is one of the major causes of slow hair growth. This deficiency usually goes unnoticed but even a slight change in the body’s vitamin levels can effect the growth of hair. Vitamins important for hair growth include vitamin A, B, C and D. Other important nutrients include niacin, biotin and zinc.

Stress is a very important factor that effect s hair growth. Increased emotional stress causes release of large amount of oil from the glands of the scalp. Loss of moisture makes the growth process slower. Stress also leads to less oxygen intake which may lead to death of scalp cells.

Chemotherapy medications also cause the loss of hair. Other medications which cause hair loss include anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives and other cardio active compounds.

Hormonal imbalances can not only cause loss of hair but may also cause complete balding.

Excess heat styling using straighteners, curlers or blow dryers can also cause hair to weaken which may ultimately lead to hair loss.

Hair loss may also be due to genetic factor. People with family history of balding and thin hair line are more prone to slow hair growth.

Poor and unbalanced diet can cause severe hair health issues. A diet lacking in protein content can cause the hair to become weak and easily breakable.

Hair growth is also altered as the age increases. Older people have greater hair loss issues than younger ones.

Solution to All Hair Growth Issues

Having one particular way to treat the hair loss issues is impossible. So, we have summarized some most commonly used ways to cure the slow growth of hair.

Eat a healthy diet that is rich in protein content. This  is  because  hair  are made  up of  keratin  which  is  a protein. High protein diet will definitely improve hair growth.

Get your levels of vitamins and minerals checked by a simple blood test.

Make sure that you are preventing hair damage in all possible ways and let them grow naturally.

Avoid washing hair daily. Washing hair excessively loses the natural moisture content from the scalp, thus, slowing the hair growth.

Trim off the split ends to avoid the entire hair strands from splitting.

Adopt meditation to increase levels of oxygen in the body. Increase oxygen supply to the cells of scalps provides essential environment for hair growth.

Avoid heat styling too often and use thermo protectors while straightening or curling.

Use best biotin shampoos for hair growth.

Massage your hair using essential hair oils such as peppermint oil, olive oil or coconut oil to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.


Stunted hair growth is a hair condition that is the most commonly discussed and talked about. This not only effects the health of hair, but also the confidence and self-esteem of a person. It is necessary to adopt sufficient measures to keep the hair healthy. Adopt natural remedies that are more friendly to hair health and avoid using too much chemical based products. Adopt a healthy balanced diet that contains all the nutrients required for improving hair growth.