Eight Best Nail Polish Finishes You Should Know

A gel manicure is beautiful to have, primarily when you use high-quality products like OPI gel nail polish. If you want great-looking nails, you should focus on the finishing. With a range of exciting finishes available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. OPI gel polish color comes in various textures and shades. We discuss the different types of nail polish finishes to enable you to choose the right one that suits your nail.

Top 8 Nail Polish Finishes

The Matte Nail Finish – The one that everyone loves

The Matte Nail Finish – The one that everyone loves

Matte is a classic finish that does not have excessive luster or shine. Though it can look dull at times, people prefer it to the glossy shining finishes. The best part of the matte finish is that you can achieve it with almost any shade. It can suit every attire. Hence, it is the perfect finish for a formal occasion like a job interview or a wedding. Though it is better to have a nail technician fix the finish, you can do it at home by applying a single topcoat over the gel paint. The Matte finish is what everyone loves to have.

The Pearl Finish – As ornamental as it can get

The Pearl Finish – As ornamental as it can get

The pearl finish is a soft and classy finish that resembles a pearl when it glows beautifully in the dark. It is an excellent finish to have for a wedding party. The best OPI colors that suits this finish is pink or beige. While other colors are not ruled out entirely, the baby pinkish shades suit the best because of the natural glow. The rose or the light red shades can look heavenly, as well. However, one should take care of the pearl finish as it is prone to wear and tear.

The Glittering Finish – A fine experiment to do

The Glittering Finish

People generally love to experiment with glitter on their nails. Glitter Finish can give your glossy nails a tremendous boost because it gives you the license to showcase shine and glow. OPI gel nail polish offers a range of glittering finishes. You can select your favorite from the golden, silver, or even mixed colors. The glittering finish is the ideal one to wear for a date or a party.

The Crème Finish – A popular trend today

While many women prefer the matter finish, the crème or the glossy finish is becoming a trend today. The crème finish is not exactly glossy, but it has a lovely shining effect. You can achieve this finish by adding a couple of more topcoats to your gel polish manicure. The most exciting aspect of the crème finish is that anyone can master the technique within no time. However, one should note to cure their nails properly under the UV lamp. The best colors to achieve the crème finish are shining blue, yellow, or red.

The Textured Finish – A refreshing sight

If you find the regular matter finish monotonous, you can try out the textured finish by adding some real stuff on top of your nail polish. Generally, people add sugar or feathers. The water bubble texture is another popular finish making the rounds today. However, you should ensure to have a glossy finish before you opt to go the textured route.

The Sheer Finish – Simple and natural

People who love things to be natural and straightforward prefer the sheer finish to the trendy ones like the glittering or textured finishes. One of the prime advantages of the sheer finish is that it goes very well with nude colors. You can also try out the transparent OPI nail polish to retain the natural color of your nails. As they have a natural finish, they suit every occasion, formal or informal.

The Metallic Finish – Make a fashion statement

Though the sheer finish suits any occasion, you would not like to wear it for a night party. The metallic finish sounds like a better bet. You have a fantastic range of colors to choose from the OPI nail polish range. The popular ones are the copper, golden, silver, and bronze finishes. As the metallic finish is a specialized one, it is better to approach a nail salon technician to do the job. If you practice it well, you can try it out at home.

The Flaky Finish – Try it out for a change

The flaky nail finish is one that every woman should try out for a change. This finish involves having flakes of glitter in your nail polish to give your nails a charming appearance. Generally, the flaky finish has a blue base as the shining flake pieces stand out as glittering stars on the moonless night sky. It is an excellent winter shade. You can experiment with the black background with glittering orange flakes to give your nails a smoldering look.


The eight nail polish finishes discussed above can make your day and ensure that you stand out among the crowd and become the center of attraction wherever you go.